Casa rural en Baztan


  • Petisansenea I-II and Gananea are not simple Rural Guesthouses, they Agrotourism.

  • Our family carries out traditional agricultural, farming and artisan activities in our area.

  • You are invited to discover it with us. We would like to share these chores with you, so you can learn about our original way of life and experience the traditional life stye.

  • We have designed a calender so that you can see which seasonal activities you would like to do with us. We will also inform you of the schedules of said activities so that you can organise your time better.

  • We appreciate you counting on us to carry out any activity. We will clarify and doubts you may have. Ask us for help, we will advise you and guide you with pleasure.

Recommendations for a sustainable activity:

  • Treat animals with respect, you never know how they will react
  • If you want to feed the animals, ask for permission, since they may have already been fed and they are not always hungry.
  • Not all plants look nicer in a pot, please ask before picking one.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear so that you can move around easier.
  • Contribute to taking care of the surroundings and environment, you can do a lot.
  • Leave everything as you found it, those who come afterwards will also want to enjoy it.