Casa rural en Baztan


The Baztan Valley is located in the north of the Iberian peninsula and the Community of Navarre, adjoining with the French border. Its 376,81 Km² is the vastest of the 265 towns of the Community and one of the Pyrenees valleys par excellence. There are 14 traditional places along with the Village of Maya/Amaiur, annexed in 1969, several neigborhoods and groups of farmhouses, and numerous shepherd’s huts spread out across the Valley, currently making a total of 8,000 in population.

Thanks to these values of nature and given the scarce industrialisation of the Valley, agrotourism is becoming a noticable source of income for the local economy, serving as complimentary to the traditional methos of agriculture and farming subsistence.


Our village

One of the great unknown villages of the Valley, it is surely why it conserves its millennial spirit. This remote place is located north of Arizkun and Errazu, on the other side of the state road NA-121, one and a half kilometers away at the bottom of the mountain called San Fermín.

Its population is currently about 260 and its evident charm has attracted famous celebrities who can be occasionally seen enjoying the relaxing atmosphere as they are amongst friendly ordinary people, who many times do not even recognise them. This is precisely what they are looking for in this warm and beautiful corner.